A History of Excellence

In the Queen of the Hills, you will find Mystique. Our Victorian Suite Hotel is a place you will feel at home.

About Mystique Ville

In the Queen of the Hills, you will find Mystique Ville. Our Victorian Suite Hotel is a place you will feel at home. We are surrounded by a peaceful, safe residential neighborhood with a panoramic view of the eastern and western ghats.

We are located just 100 km away from the Coimbotore Airport, 15 minutes from the Ooty main bus stand and Railway station, 10 minutes from the heart of the Town, the famous Botanical Garden and the Boat House.

Way back in 1828, Capt. Macpherson of the British Army built the Mystique Ville. Later, the Maharaja of Patna, made it his summer retreat. Now, for the first time ever, the doors of this charming colonial villa lies open for you.

In 1852 it was a good year for wine. The good captain poured himself a glass and thought out aloud, "Let's have a nice home here in Ooty".

Capt. Macpherson first came to Ootacamund with his band of pioneers. The daunting task ahead of them was to build the first road ever from the plains to this 'Queen of Hill Stations'. For years they toiled, mapping out every treacherous curve and negotiation the building-sized rocks that stood in their way.

When they finished, Her Majesty the Queen was so pleased with their work that she rewarded the good Captain and his lieutenants with vast tracts of land in the area.

Many sold their lands and returned to England but not our Captain. He had fallen in love with Ooty. And so he stayed and built Mystique Ville. Brick by brick, he watched it take life. And when at last it was complete, he sat back and poured himself another glass of wine.

Mystique Ville Experience

Once Macpherson's elegant home and hearth, and later the Maharaja of Patna's summer hideaway, Mystique Ville is now a luxury retreat for those who want to see Ooty at its best. From the sprawling lawns that overlook the famous race course to the burnished elegance of its stately interiors, Mystique Ville is an invitation to enter a bygone era - a time when only opulence was fitting reward for success.

Standing atop its hill, one is treated to a spectacular view of Ooty's charms, its misty mountains beckoning, inviting, tempting, daring you come, explore its secret. If this sight doesn't fill your heart with joy, the sounds of nature in its purest state surely will.

No brochure on earth, not even this one, can prepare you for the experience how Mystique Ville is. Come, live it.

Not 20 minutes away, and exclusively for our guests, is a 150-acre forest reserve replete with waterfalls and brooks. Guided treks to the reserve and wildlife safaris are not uncommon and can be arranged.

Ooty has found favor with the Gods… Nothing else can quite explain its fabulous weather all year round. Even so, the months September - December and March-June are the best times to visit if one is to really enjoy this 'Queen of hill stations'.

At 2240 M above sea level, the mountains of Ooty are one of the tallest in the country. Grasslands, waterfalls, streams, lakes and a rich assortment of flora and fauna make for a lovely nature experience. Mystique Ville gives you the opportunity to enjoy long walks, treks, fishing, horse riding, cycling and visits to tea gardens.